Curry Spiced Baby Potatoes

Curry Spiced PotatoesThis Curry Spiced Potatoes recipe is an any-time favorite for us. The baby potatoes are coated with spices and cooked with olive oil which gives it a very rich and tasty texture.

Somedays, you just don’t want to enter the kitchen and somedays, you just want to cook up a storm, no? Well, this Curry Spiced Potatoes dish is for those days or evenings, when you don’t want to do anything in the kitchen. No prepping needed whatsoever. Just boil the potatoes and coat them with the blend of spices and your spicy and tasty potatoes dish is ready in a jiffy.

Optimized-img_3141You can enjoy them either with a glass of wine or pair them with a steaming bowl of rice, some Palak Dal/Spinach Dal or try these Curry Spiced Baby Potatoes with some Green Mango Dal. If you ask me, I would enjoy these hot and spicy curry potatoes with some chicken dish on the side like Chicken Kasha, Chicken Dry Roast

If you want to give your potatoes to a richer spin, then check out  This dish is definitely for those days when you want to impress your guests or family with your fabulous culinary skills.

Curry Spiced Potatoes

Anything to do with potatoes, are comfort food for me and seriously, who does not like potatoes!! They go with everything from eggs to meat to soups and you can have them any way you want – mashed, roasted, fried, or stewed. I know, they are a little carb-rich, but then, we really don’t have to finish off a full bag of potatoes in one go, right?

I did some research to know more about potatoes and this is what I found – they are packed with various nutrients such as carotenoids, flavonoids and caffeic acid which help prevent cell damage, help in digestion, heart health, blood pressure and even cancer prevention.  Woo Hoo!

I cook with potatoes a lot and we eat potatoes almost every day for dinner. No kidding!. This is one recipe, which is beyond easy and simple to make. It doesn’t need any onion, ginger or garlic nor any fancy creamy stuff. Sometimes, I serve them with roti or steamed rice and sometimes we just eat as an appetizer. Curry Spiced Potatoes


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