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If you want to enjoy a top-shelf drink, you’ll want to pour yourself a glass of bourbon and take a moment to enjoy the rich tastes that come with it. The excellent taste of this drink is better when you include a food that pairs well with it, and there are a few options that make wonderful combinations. Read on to discover foods that pair well with a glass of bourbon.


Bourbon will typically have a spicy taste that isn’t too strong or subtle. The tingling on your tongue will feel pleasant with every sip, but it would taste better with something sweet to soothe the spice while keeping the flavor alive. Eat chocolate with your bourbon for a combination of sweet and spicy and many other flavors.

The fat in the chocolate makes the strong alcohol taste more subtle, while the whiskey bourbon enhances the chocolate’s aroma. This delicious trade-off is why certain recipes, such as chocolate whiskey cake, use Irish whiskey coffee and unsweetened cocoa powder for a nice mixture to enjoy by the mouthful. Use this combination for a relaxing night in when you have a sweet tooth and want to enjoy a nice drink.

Pancakes and Syrup

Although you may not want to drink alcohol before the day starts, this pairing may occur anytime. Syrup and bourbon often go well together thanks to the dark, sweet taste of syrup and the bourbon’s subtle smokiness.

Bourbon with maple flavors is a popular type of whiskey that balances sweet and earthy tastes. The pancakes provide a bonus to the pairing by cushioning alcohol’s effects. Bourbon tastes great, but it’s best not to become beguiled and overindulge.


Meat and alcohol are some of the best food combinations, and combining the numerous flavors of jerky and bourbon will make a concoction of amazing tastes. Understanding ways to pair jerky and bourbon successfully is important, as you want to avoid creating too much spice.

The alcohol in bourbon will wash away the saliva on your tongue that dampens the spice’s effect; without it, you’ll feel a stronger burning sensation as you eat and drink. Pair the bourbon with a sweet, mild jerky, like honey barbecue. The jerky’s saltiness and bourbon flavors will make it a tasty snack to enjoy any time of the year.

Bourbon’s a wonderful drink for almost any occasion. Eat these foods that pair well with a glass of bourbon, and take your time savoring the flavors as you understand that the best things come in pairs.

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