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4 Things To Do After Getting a New Grill

Few things are more exciting than getting a brand-new grill. But before you get to grilling, check out our explainer of things to do after getting a new grill.

Read the Manual

Before you fire up your new grill for the first time and get to cooking, you should do some homework first. It may seem tedious, but to be a real grill master, you need to know everything about your equipment.

If you must assemble the grill first, you should read the assembly instructions first! Learn your new grill’s basics and advanced features before you heat it for the first time to be safe.

Test and Pre-Heat Grill

Another thing to do after getting a new grill and before you put any food on your new equipment is to run a test and do a pre-heat burn first. If you’re using a propane grill, you’ll want to run a leak test to ensure that the gas lines are secure and it’s not leaking propane when you turn it on and put it to use.

If everything looks secure and stable the first time you turn it on, run a pre-heat burn for roughly 20 minutes before you put any food on the grill. This burn will eliminate any leftover oil or packing material that may linger on the grill parts and ensure your grill is ready for food.

Ready Your Tools

With the grill ready, it’s time to create and organize your grilling station. A great tip for keeping your grilling tools organized is to keep them separate from your regular kitchen utensils so you don’t lose them.

You don’t want to be inside the house scrounging around for your trusty grill spatula and tongs while your food burns on the grill! Another good tip for grill masters is to stock all the grilling tools and seasonings on a rolling cart to keep everything in one place and roll it inside and outside when needed.

Get to Grilling!

With the grill passing all tests and your tools properly organized, you can finally put your new grill to work! If you’re new to grilling, we recommend starting with this satisfying spicy grilled jerk salmon recipe because it’s nutritious, delicious, and easy to cook.

Whatever you decide, we’re sure your grill will thrive after reading our guide. If you ever need grilling recipes, My Yellow Apron has hundreds to keep you busy on the grill all year long!

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