MyYellowApron Food and Food Photography. Stepped up comfort food inspired by travel, family and friends

Hey there, Welcome!!

…, I’m so excited to see you here. My name is Aishwarya, but most call me Aish, Ash, or even Rhea! I’m a self-taught food photographer and I live in California with my two boys and husband. I started this blog on a whim and named it after my favorite color Yellow! Even though I don’t blog full-time, I LOVE my blog and I’m crazy passionate about it.

I cook from my heart. The recipes are the heart of this site…, most recipes are inspired by the food I ate while growing up or at a restaurant somewhere in the world that left a lasting impression or from my wild imagination about fusing flavors. . I’m always looking to be awed and inspired and that reflects on my food. My recipes have a particular emphasis on stepped-up comfort food.

I’m obsessed with food and food photography. I love photographing food and hope my photos and my stories inspire you to step into the kitchen to cook a delicious meal or bake a yum cake.