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Affogato, Coffee, Ice Ceam, Gelato, Itanian, Drink, Adult Beverage, Coffee and Ice Cream


I consider myself very lucky when it comes to being surrounded by people I deeply care for. Friends who I love and family that I can’t do without. I always think about ways to make them feel special…., without expecting anything in return (yes yes, it sounds noble and all that…., but noble isn’t what I’m going for.., so, stop the eye rolling!! :). In fact, it embarrasses me when I receive something in return – either in kind or in gesture. It’s just me or may be it’s just the Taurus in me. I go deep.

This Affogato is for a friend who loves two things as far as I know – espresso and gelato. So, what else could be better than to wish him Happy Birthday with this easy, two-ingredient adult dessert that is so utterly satisfying? A confession to be made here though: I have not had an affogato up until now. And yes, I have been to Italy twice.

Had it not been for his birthday treat, I wouldn’t have thought about making it. I wanted to make two things – an easy chocolate cake (ooo.., after last year’s Red Velvet Cake, I definitely wanted a yummy and easy Birthday Cake. Easy would be an understatement. This Birthday Chocolate Cake for Two was beyond easy and a little selfish 😀 And then…, the Affogato.

So, what’s an affogato?

Affogato means “drowned” in Italian. There is an article on Boston Globe explaining exactly what affogato stands for. Italians use the term affogato “when you’re talking about something so incredibly tasty that it takes your breath away.”

So all you have to do is, make a shot of espresso (I used my built in Bosch to make the espresso and if you don’t have an espresso machine, make some super strong black coffee instead) and pour it over a scoop of vanilla gelato. You’re done! Raise the spoon and make a wish.

You can spike the espresso with a little bit of bourbon as well. After all, this is an adult treat. I will try that next time.

I got a few tips from here:

Affogato, Coffee, Ice Ceam, Gelato, Itanian, Drink, Adult Beverage, Coffee and Ice Cream



  • 2 scoops of gelato (I used vanilla gelato from Whole Foods. You can always use Ice Cream)
  • 2 ounce of steaming hot espresso (I made the Espresso from the Blue Bottle Coffee beans at home). If you don’t have an espresso machine, use plain hot coffee.
  • Chocolate cookies for topping (I used bourbon biscuits)


  • Chill your glass/bowl/mug
  • Put one scoop of gelato or ice cream in each mug or bowl
  • Pour very very hot espresso on the ice cream and see the hot, bitter espresso melts the gelato and creates a pool of deliciousness.
  • Top with some crushed cookies or any other toppings you favor.

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  1. Never tried an Affogado but that looks incredible. I am a big fan of coffee based desserts. Great photos as well (:

  2. Your photography keeps getting better. And I love that logo you added to your pictures. Makes them look even more professional. Keep it up!

  3. Lovely! Nice post, thanks for sharing all the tips and the recipe!

  4. mistimaan says:

    Very yummy recipe…I will try it 🙂

  5. You had me at vanilla ice cream. OMG, sounds just so good. It’s so weird coz I have lived on year in Italy but never got to try an Affogato… will try to do one myself this weekend

  6. mrscaudle1011 says:

    I’ve never heard of this. But it seems like I’ve been missing out for a while now!

  7. I have to admit I’ve not heard of affogato before but I am totally going to make some to impress others now 😉

  8. robin rue says:

    I have never heard of Addogato, but it sounds amazing. Apparently I am missing out.

  9. I had never heard of aggogato before. But the ingredients all sound super yummy and even yummier together!

  10. I’ve always liked the combination especially when it’s a little warm outside and you don’t want to drink a steaming hot cup of coffee. I think this is perfect and it’s not that difficult to make either!

  11. This is a great dessert and can make gelato even better. I will serve it at the next party I have.

  12. I’ve never had affogato before but I didn’t know how on earth to make it either! Sounds absolutely delicious and I’m going to be giving it a try using your suggestions!

  13. Oh yum, this looks really tasty. I’ve never heard of an affogato before today. I’m intrigued!

  14. I had never heard of an affogato until about 2 weeks ago. My husband and I were at one of those special Starbucks that offer the reserve label. And he had an affogato. My husband consumes things quickly. And I went into the restroom while waiting for my drink. And when I came out,, he was almost finished. So I never really got to see it. But what a great idea to make one at home. I love the idea of adding a little bourbon. I think the tastes would go together so well. Plus, it’s fun!

  15. makeamomsmile says:

    espresso and gelato combined sound wonderful! This would be a great unique dessert for a family gathering, I am going to keep this in mind, thanks for sharing

  16. I’m reading this at 10:30 P.M. and it’s taking me a lot of willpower not to make this right now. No coffee this late! Lol.

  17. This is so interesting. I love the process and how classy it feels.

  18. I don’t drink coffee a lot but I definitely enjoy a good glass of affogato! It’s not that difficult to put together and it’s so enjoyable!

  19. You are such a sweet friend making your friend a lovely desert. I have actually never tried affogato before, would you be able to make a decaf version and it still taste good do you think? x

  20. This looks amazing! Two of my favorite things combined together into one delicious offering? Yes please!

  21. Nay @ beautyaddictmama says:

    This sounds so yummy. How sweet of you to make it for your friend. I think I’m going to try this with decaf coffee to see if I like it too!

  22. I’m an espresso junkie and I am so excited to try this Affogato!!! It sounds delicious and the meaning behind it’s name has me intrigued…

  23. I love a great espresso, and haven’t had a really good one in years. Now this makes me want a machine, and to make this tasty recipe!

  24. I don’t drink coffee but I love ice cream and Gelston with a passion. I am going to try the chocolate cake too. For two or just for me lol

  25. confettiandbliss says:

    What a delicious-sounding drink. Perfect for a summer evening. I’d love for this Affogato drink to take my breath away!

  26. terristeffes says:

    You have enriched my world. I cannot wait to make this for my son in law and daughter. Thank you. Ours will have bourbon!

  27. I’ve never heard of an Affogato but now I want to make some. I bet I’d love this a lot, it sounds like something I’d enjoy. I love trying new things and I think this is going to be my new recipe to try.

  28. Ooh I bet these are so delicious! I will definitely have to try these out…I have not heard of them before and I have also been to Italy (oops!).

  29. Oh my gosh, this looks so decadent and fancy. I can’t wait to try to make this. Delicious.

  30. savingmamasita says:

    Okay, this sounds so amazing. I would love to give it a try! Honestly, I’ve never heard of an affogato.

  31. Melanie Walsh says:

    All of my favorite things — coffee and ice cream. I have to admit that I’ve never had one either, which seems so crazy. Thanks for making it so easy to enjoy this amazing treat.

  32. This sounds utterly divine! I have to try this! I love coffee and I love gelato so I just know the combo will be oh so delicious 🙂

  33. Ophelia Tang says:

    I love Affogato! Your recipe sound delicious and your photos makes my mouth water. Thanks for sharing.

  34. Completely new to me too! I had never heard of this before, but now I’m so curious and would love to try it. It looks absolutely delicious, your pictures are amazing

  35. aanchalgupta3 says:

    Never heard of it before,but looks delicious. Your pictures are amazing.

  36. Thanks for introducing new dessert,Looks awesome..your pictures are stunning

  37. Thanks for introducing this dessert. I’hv never tried this before. 🙂

  38. Such beautiful dessert, never tried it but looks yum. I love coffee in all the forms, so i am sure i will love it 🙂

  39. So simple, yet so delicious! I have never heard of it before either, but I think it is something our house full of coffee lovers would adore!

  40. I love all things coffee. Combine it with ice cream and you have a winner no matter what you call it!

  41. OH my this looks so delicious! I would love to make one!!!! I never had anything like this!

  42. I never heard of an affogato before, but now I want one. This sounds so amazing!

  43. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I do love me some gelato. This dessert looks so delicious. I think the combination of the gelato, espresso and chocolate cookies sounds heavenly.

  44. Soniya saluja says:

    Hmm.. now this is something I have never heard of! Looks and sounds so delicious 👌 great clicks!

  45. Oh my goodness.. Aish these look absolutely tempting and delicious.. such a pleasure to read your post learnt something new.. 🙂

  46. Oh my goodness! This makes me not want to wait for the Italian Christmas markets this year! I LOVE these drinks LOVE them. I probably indulged a bit more than I should have, but they are so delicious as is pretty much everything in Italy. <3 Affogato all the time! LOL 🙂

  47. ▵ ↟ Francesca_Sevenroses ↟ ▵ says:

    As an Italian, this is something I know very well and absolutely LOVE! Your technique is spot-on and your photos are really inviting…. It’s been quite some time since I lad had an Affogato and you’ve just given me the perfect idea for tonight’s dessert 😀

  48. Oh I am sold! this dessert looks absolutely gorgeous, great for a small get together!

  49. Wow! This sounds and look delicious! I’m a coffee addict and this is right up my alley. I’m going to try this.

  50. Ohhh, I am already imagining how am I doing it and also having a taste of it while reading your post.

  51. This looks so good! And your photos are gorgeous as well. I learned something new!

  52. fashionmommywm says:

    Gelato and espresso are two of my fave things too, so I would love this very grown up dessert!

  53. First of all, these pics are immaculate and perfectly depict what I would consider a perfect dessert! Yum!

  54. Krystle Cook says:

    I have never heard of this but it looks great. I need to see if I can make one!

  55. I have never made affogato or heard of it but it looks amazing and so easy to make!! I’ll have to try it!

  56. toughcookiemommy says:

    I think this would definitely take my breath away. It looks like a shot of heaven and I imagine that it has a wonderful flavor.

  57. I had an affogato the other day in an Italian restaurant, it was delicious! Love the mix of hot and cold

  58. almostindianwife says:

    Ooh these look absolutely amazing! I would love to whip these up when I have friends over! They would love it!

  59. certifiedpastryaficionado says:

    Espresso and ice cream?! This is right up my alley! I love the idea of garnishing it with crushed cookies, too!

  60. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    I did not know it was this easy to make! I am saving this recipe and making it for our dessert tomorrow. I’d use decaffeinated coffee for the kids though.

  61. What an awesome looking drink. Haven’t had this before. I will save this recipe and make some. This will surely be another family favorite!

  62. What an awesome looking drink. Haven’t had this before. I will save this recipe and make some. This will surely be another family favorite!

  63. Yum!!!!! I’m more of a tea person but affogatos are just my absolute fave. It doesn’t seem too difficult to make either so I’m definitely gonna give this a try!

  64. Is it a cook in taste? This is the first time to see something like this, the name is unique surely taste will also unique. Let’s try Affogato