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Creamy and delicious Rice Kheer or Payasam made in Instant Pot.
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Kheer Recipe | Indian Rice Pudding (Instant Pot)

Rice kheer!! A quintessential Indian dessert that’s a must have after a delicious Indian feast. Made with fragrant rice, sugar and milk, this thick and creamy Indian rice pudding is easy to prepare. I have provided step by step instructions to make the kheer in Instant Pot as well. WHAT IS KHEER? Kheer is an […]

An easy and instant recipe for gulab jamun made prepared with bread and milk powder.
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Instant Bread Gulab Jamun

As the name suggests this Instant Bread Gulab Jamun recipe is a quicker and much easier version of the traditional khoya gulab jamun recipe. Made with breadcrumbs and milk powder, this recipe will give you the same exact taste and texture that you get from khoya gulab jamun. With three easy steps, this Instant gulab […]

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Besan Ladoo Recipe

Besan Ladoo or Besan ke Laddu is a very popular Indian festive sweet made from gram flour/besan, powdered sugar and ghee and flavored with a hint of cardamom. Garnished with almonds and coconut flakes, this ladoo recipe makes for a mouth-watering Indian dessert making any festival extra special.

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Sooji Kakara Pitha

These very popular Sooji Kakara Pitha are mildly sweet and made without the traditional coconut jaggery filling, making them a light and wholesome breakfast option or a snack to be enjoyed without much guilt. These Sooji Kakaras are filled with aromatic yet simple flavors like fennel seeds and cardamom powder and mildly sweetened with brown sugar.

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Diwali Recipe Round-Up

Happy Diwali 2020 to all my friends and families all over the world. With the elections being over and now that we have a new President, don’t you think there is hope now? With that being said, I have compiled a few of my most popular and easy Diwali desserts for you for easy access. […]

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Rasabali Paneer Dessert Recipe

    Rasabali is very very unique to Odisha, India. A famous sweet recipe that’s decadent and extremely delicious. Rasabali is made with fresh chenna or paneer. The paneer is kneaded into a soft texture and then made into flattened balls and deep-fried. The fried flattened paneer/chenna balls then dunked into thickened saffron milk and […]

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Odisha Kanika |Mitha Pulao |Sweet Rice

The dishes from Odisha – Sweet or Savory are easy on your palette and mainly because they use less oil and spices. Be it the world famous Chenna Poda, Manda Pitha , Kheer or  even the Khira Gaintha. Simple ingredients yet amazing taste. The food is usually made fresh and daily with locally grown produce. The cuisine of […]