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Fish Paturi Recipe (Fish in Banana Leaves)

In the fish paturi recipe, the fish is slow-cooked inside a banana leaf packet with a mustard-poppyseed-coconut blend. The smoky and earthy flavors from the cooked banana leaves impart amazing flavors to the delicate fish making this bong dish truly delicious. And with some steamed rice, this fish paturi tastes heavenly!!!

This fried potato fritters are a famous street food from Odisha
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Aloo Chop Recipe (Oriya Style)

A simple niramish street food recipe from Odisha, that anyone can follow. Seasoned mashed potatoes balls dipped in chickpea flour/besan batter and then deep fried to perfection. Enjoy these slightly crispy from outside and soft from inside cutlets as your evening snack with a cup of tea or coffee. WHAT IS ALOO CHOP? “Aloo” means […]

Made with dry roasted peanuts, garlic and bit of tamarind, this quick and easy groundnut chutney is delicious with any savory dishes.
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Peanut Chutney Recipe (Quick & Easy)

This naturally vegan peanut chutney recipe is quick and easy. Somewhat spicy and somewhat tangy, this nutty chutney makes such a great condiment for your savory and spicy dishes!! I grew up in India, where chutney is an absolute staple. They make chutneys out of almost everything. A must have side dish. My mom used […]

Easy and nutritious beetroot cutlets made in air fryer
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Beetroot Tikki in Air Fryer | Beetroot Cutlets

Enjoy this air fried Beetroot cutlets with some hot and spicy chutney on the side. Crispy from outside (because of the semolina coating) and moist from inside, this popular Indian street food recipe delivers the same taste with less calories. Use this beetroot tikki in air fryer or beetroot cutlets recipe to serve as a […]

This Aloo Tamatar ki subzi recipe is such a comforting dish to enjoy with rice, roti or pooris.
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Aloo Tamatar ki Sabzi | Potato Tomato Curry

Aloo tamatar curry recipe or potato tomato curry is such an easy recipe to try and enjoy on a daily basis. Made with bite sized potatoes and tomatoes, this yummy gravy based dish can be enjoyed with plain dosa, poori, paratha or steamed rice. Find me someone who doesn’t love potatoes!! I love anything with potatoes. […]

Dal Palak or Moong Dal with Spinach is a healthy, tasty and nutritious vegan recipe loaded with protein and chockful of nutrients like - Vitamin A, zinc and fiber. Enjoy this with steamed rice or naan bread or just as a bowl of soup.
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Dal Palak Tadka Recipe

This healthy and nutritious Yellow Dal Palak Tadka is such a healthy, tasty and nutritious vegan recipe loaded with protein and chockful of nutrients like – Vitamin A, zinc and fiber. Enjoy with some steamed rice or naan bread or just as a bowl of soup. So, what is Dal Tadka? Dal Tadka, is this […]

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Crab Masala Fry

This Crab Masala Fry recipe is my first recipe to belong to the Friends & Family Recipes category. I’m lucky to be coming from a family of food lovers and equally lucky to be with friends who enjoy eating and trying recipes. This Crab Masala Fry recipe belongs to my cousin from the east coast. […]

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Roasted Spicy Chuda Bhaja|Spicy Poha|Spicy Chivda

One snack that’s everyone’s favorite in all over India is Roasted Spicy Chuda Bhaja|Spicy Poha|Spicy Chivda. Especially, if you are from Eastern India. This Roasted Spicy Chuda Bhaja|Spicy Poha|Spicy Chivda is dry roasted and then flavored with dry roasted peanuts, dry roasted red chilies and then generously seasoned with sea salt. This dry roasted spicy […]

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Instant Chili Pickle Recipe

This Instant Chili Pickle recipe is all you need to make the best use of your extra chilies. This pickle is bursting with flavors and done in no time at all. Imagine this – you have something that you spent no time in making yet it lasts for weeks? Score, right? I love my pickles and […]

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Garlic Peanut Chili Chutney

This Garlic Peanut Chili Chutney is for you if you are a spice lover. This chutney is not for faint hearted. This simply made chutney can be used as a condiment to your otherwise boring food or can be used as a marinade as well. Bursting with delicious flavors, this is a must try chutney […]