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Coconut is such a versatile fruit. You can make amazing savory and sweet dishes with coconut and not only that, its so good for you. I grew up drinking coconut water and eating fresh coconut. Even now when I go back to India, I can’t have enough coconut – in ice cream, in curries, in traditional desserts. I think, last year, I made these rice flour dumplings with sweet coconut stuffing. Its one of my favorite Indian sweets ever.

I baked this Coconut Loaf Cake this afternoon, took some pics and writing down the recipe now so that, I can share with you all. Trust me when I say this, the pics don’t justice to the taste and texture of this Coconut Loaf Cake. With every bite you get a bit of coconut flakes and a loaded coconut flavor. This is one soft, tender, coconutty tea or snack cake. 🙂 . I used two eggs in my Coconut Loaf Cake recipe, but you can substitute eggs with yogurt.

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  • 3/4 cup or 115 ml olive oil
  • 1 Cup Sugar (200 g / 7 oz)
  • 2 Large Eggs or 1/2 cup thick yogurt
  • 3 Cups AP Flour (400 g / 14 oz)
  • 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/3 Cup yogurt (100 g / 3.5 oz)
  • 1 Cup milk(300 g / 10.5 oz) coconut/regular milk
  • 1 TBSP Vanilla essence
  • 1 Cup shredded coconut + 2 TBS to sprinkle on top (optional) (60 g / 2 oz)


  • Preheat oven to 350 F/180 C and line your pan with parchment paper. Set aside
  • In a medium bowl, sift the flour, baking powder and baking soda. Stir to combine. Set aside.
  • In a bowl mix yogurt, milk and vanilla and mix to combine. Set aside.
  • In another bowl beat oil, sugar and eggs (yogurt) until you have a fluffy mix. 4-5 minutes.
  • Now add the flour, yogurt and milk liquid mixture with the oil and sugar mixture. Alternate between dry with wet. Starting and finishing with the dry mix.
  • Now fold in the shredded coconut.
  • Pour the batter into your pan, sprinkle with extra shredded coconut and bake on the middle rack for 45-55 minutes are until a toothpick comes out clean from the middle of the cake.
  • Once the cake is cooled, Mix 1 cup powdered sugar +1/2 teaspoon vanilla+1-2 tablespoons milk and pour on the cake. This step is optional.


  1. In a pressure cooker add in 1½ cup of salt and place a cooker rack or any cup.
  2. close the lid of cooker without keeping the gasket and whistle.
  3. heat for 5 to 10 minutes. as a result, gives a preheat oven atmosphere.
  4. Transfer the cake batter into the cake mold – you have to pick a cake tin that fits in your pressure cooker. You may have to bake two small cakes with the measurement given above.
  5. Carefully place the cake tray into the cooker.
  6. Close the lid of cooker without gasket and whistle. simmer for 40 minutes.

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  2. Hi, just wanted to know do we need to add yogurt along with eggs too as it says one third cup yogurt ?