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Mishti-Doi-Cheesecake, Greek-Yogurt-Cheesecake, Vegetarian

Mishti-Doi-Cheesecake, Greek-Yogurt-CheesecakeThis Misthi Doi Cheesecake is delicate, smooth, luscious and extremely yummy. Not only that, its also super quick and easy to make. I even kept it simpler by not adding a cheesecake crust. Plus, its eggless. What else can we ask for a dessert, right?

So, here is the Eggless, Crustless, Misthi Doi (Greek Yogurt) Cheesecake. Excited?

And for those, who don’t know what Misthi Doi is – Its an Eastern  Indian Bengali sweet dish. Mishti means sweet in Bengali and Doi means yoghurt. The eastern part of India is famous for their array of desserts including, Sandesh, Patishapta, Rasgulla and of course, Mishti Doi.

If you like this Misthi Doi Cheesecake recipe, I’m sure you would like the Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta as well, which takes literally no time to make.

Traditionally, Misthi Doi is served in earthen cups and enjoyed during grueling hot days. Actually, scratch that. Misthi Doi is enjoyed after every lip-smacking lunch or dinner – come summer or winter. In fact, the taste of Misthi Doi is very much like, cheesecake.

Usually, Cheesecakes are so delicious but very high in calories, but I realized that, without compromising the taste of a well made cheesecake, Greek yogurt can be very safely replaced with cream cheese and the result would be still lip smacking delicious.

So, here is the recipe for Misthi Doi Cheesecake which is adapted from Deeba Rajpal’s recipe.

Mishti-Doi-Cheesecake, Greek-Yogurt-Cheesecake

Mishti-Doi-Cheesecake, Greek-Yogurt-CheesecakeINGREDIENTS:

  • 2 cups or 250 grams Greek Yogurt or Hung Curd or Readymade Mishti Doi (I used Greek Yogurt)
  • 1 Can sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 Cup or 200 ml full Cream
  • Toppings of your choice (I choose raspberries)


  • If your yogurt or readymade mishti doi is not very thick then, hang the yogurt in a muslin cloth for few hours.
  • Preheat the oven to 180C/350 degree F.
  • Mix everything together to make a smooth batter except for the topping
  • Take a 6” diameter loose bottom cake tin and cover it on with aluminium foil on the outside to prevent any leakage. Place this on a cookie tray.
  • Add the batter to the prepared tin and bake it for 20 minutes.
  • When it has completely cooled to room temperature, cover the tin and keep it in the refrigerator overnight.
  • Take it out on a cake stand and top with fresh fruits or toppings of your choice. I added a few strands of saffron and some raspberries.


Topping suggestions – fruit coulis, fresh fruits or berries, caramel/ butterscotch sauce with roasted peanuts, dark chocolate ganache

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  1. Superb recipe!! One of my favorite dessert! Thanks for sharing ❤

  2. Excellent cheese cake! Tempting photos!!

  3. wow that looks so good. just one clarification – you mention a no bake version of Misti Doi in your photo but the recipe here is a baked version ? can you send me the no bake version too ?

  4. Lisa Boban says:

    Your finished product seems to have some red and yellow flecks in it. Did you add something other than the listed ingredients?

  5. Tiffany @ Parsnips + Pastries says:

    Wow! This looks super creamy and I have never had a Greek yogurt cheesecake before. Would love to try it. 🙂

  6. That looks really good. Yum!

  7. Delicious
    It can be said as baked mishti doi. The same ingredients go for the baked mishti doi.

  8. How do you prepare the batter .. just mix all the ingredients?

  9. Wow. This dessert looks so light and delicious. I really like the pairing with the raspberries for flavor and color.

  10. haresh bellani says:

    Fantastic recipes

  11. 2 cups of Greek yogurt makes 500 GM’s ? I am confused

  12. I absolutely LOVE this greek yogurt cheesecake. Looks so refreshing and light. It’s perfect summer dessert. And so easy to make. Perfect!

  13. I love baked yogurt and this one is super tempting. Looks so refreshing.

  14. I think this cheesecake but without cheese is an awesome recipe I will definetly try I am a food blogger ( not by profession😜 it’s my hobby) your recipes are very innovative and interesting

  15. Hi, instead of a loose bottom pan , can we made this in a muffin pan? Thanks

  16. I think that I am in love with this recipe! Adding to my list of must makes.

  17. Looks so yummy..I am going to try this it:)

  18. curryandvanilla says:

    Looks so scrumptious!!

  19. Hi mam it looks so delicious.. Instead of baking can we use this same receipe for no bake means refrigerate it..

  20. Sexy❤…foodgasm😉

  21. Anabela Pereira says:

    Delicious 😋

  22. Anonymous says:

    Moshi doi is already sweetend green yogurt is not …
    Can u clarify

  23. Anonymous says:

    Hi..1 can condensed milk is how many grams ?