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 Not-So-Fruity Sangria
Not-So-Fruity Sangria

One of my blogger friends Dolphia from Story Of Cooks, just got back from Spain and that made me nostalgic. We went to Spain in 2011 and it is one of my most memorable trips so far.  I tried sangria for the first time in Barcelona, Spain. So thought of making white wine sangria for some friends who were over for dinner last weekend while reminiscing abut my trip.  Honestly, this time the sangria came out so so GOOD. I didn’t make it very fruity and I tried to keep it simple by using a very dry white wine. And the result was amazing and guess what, I named it Not-so-fruity Sangria.

 Not-So-Fruity Sangria
Not-So-Fruity Sangria

We split six days between Barcelona, Madrid and Toledo. All the time we were there, we would be tirelessly on our feet soaking in as much of history and culture as possible and every evening we would sit down for tapas at the famous La Boqueria market (  My husband is a foodie. He loves to explore different kind of food wherever he goes and obviously he was in the gastronomical heaven. On the other hand, I’m a little choosy about what I eat. My favorites from that trip were paella, Spanish omelet, fresh olives and of course the sangria. Ahem! I have this habit of getting lost in the moment. Let me bring you and me back to the not-so-fruity sangria.

Here is how I made it

Not-So-Fruity Sangria
Not-So-Fruity Sangria


  • 1  bottle white wine such as pinot grigio or sauvignon blanc. I used Pinot grigio.
  • cup white Rum or Brandy
  • 14cup sugar
  • 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries
  • 1 Orange cut into thin slices
  • 2 Lemon Juiced
  • Orange soda. I used Hansen’s from Trader Joe’s
  • ice


  • Stir wine and sugar, lemon juice, Rum together until sugar dissolves.
  • Add sliced strawberries, oranges and chill for 4 to 5 hours. I chilled it for overnight.
  • Add soda and garnish with whole strawberries, if you want, before serving.


Not-So-Fruity Sangria

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  1. I loved the Sangria, even if i dont like drinking much…i need to make the red wine sangria soon. I will link to this post for sure. Much thanks for the shoutout.

  2. I prefer sweeter white wine but am intrigued by this! Love the idea of a less fruity sangria.

  3. I love White Wine Sangria as they taste so crisp n fresh with addition of fruits. This look so easy peasy to make, will try soon.

  4. kushigalu says:

    Looks so beautiful and refreshing!

  5. I don’t drink alcohol but this looks like a great drink. It would be perfect for a hot day.

  6. My husband loves sangria but me not so much. I am very picky with my wines of choice.

  7. geekswhoeat says:

    This sounds delicious! Does any type of rum work or is one better than another? We have been trying lots of different kinds lately!

  8. This looks delicious! And I love these little tiny glasses with long stems. They’re so cute!

  9. J at says:

    I bet my mother would love this version. A simple few strawberries dunked into this delicious concoction. I will have to share this recipe with her!