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Baked Apple Donuts (Egg free)

These Baked Apple Donuts are bursting with the flavors of Fall and Autumn. Every bite will give you a taste of fresh apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and a hint of nutmeg. Why go to a bakery when you can bake these donuts at home with so much ease? Until you try the Baked version of… Continue reading Baked Apple Donuts (Egg free)

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Tarana | An Odia festive dessert

Tarana is a rice flour based dessert from Odisha. Very very unique to Odisha. The finely ground rice/rice flour is cooked in simmered milk and sweetened with sugar or jaggery resulting in a buttery smooth desert that's not only light in texture but also gluten free and vegetarian . Tarana is good on your palate… Continue reading Tarana | An Odia festive dessert

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Basic Vanilla Sponge Cake

There is nothing like a Basic Vanilla Sponge Cake recipe. If you learned to nail down this recipe, then you are good to go. This Basic Vanilla Sponge can be a starting cake for you and you can customize it by adding various flavors as you go. The spongy texture and the hint of vanilla… Continue reading Basic Vanilla Sponge Cake

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Tomato-Chili-Garlic Chutney

  I have been making this Tomato-Chili-Garlic chutney..., for years now. It's tangy and extremely spicy (but then spiciness is relative, right? I bought a jar of this tomato chili garlic chutney for a co-worker who is from New Mexico and he rated the spiciness at 5 and 1/2 out of 10 - 10 being… Continue reading Tomato-Chili-Garlic Chutney

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Pink Grapefruit Paloma

Pink Grapefruit Paloma is that perfectly delightful refreshing cocktail that you want for your summer parties. Fresh Grapefruit juice is the star ingredient here..., which is THE perfect citrus for summer cocktails. This Grapefruit Paloma is tart, sweet and very summery. And that color !! That's the exact shade of baby pink I was going for in my cocktail. If… Continue reading Pink Grapefruit Paloma

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Sandesh [shon-daesh], How to make Sandesh

Sandesh [“shon-daesh”] is a sweet treat that is unique to the eastern part of India particularly, West Bengal. Some recipes of Sandesh [“shon-daesh”] call for the use of chhena or paneer (which is made by curdling the milk and separating the whey from it) instead of milk itself. Some people in the region of Bangladesh call it pranahara (heart stealer) which is… Continue reading Sandesh [shon-daesh], How to make Sandesh