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how to make ghee at home
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Homemade Ghee Recipe

Once you learn how to make ghee at home, you will never go back to stores to buy ghee again. I can promise you that much and yes! Homemade ghee recipe is that easy!!! WHY YOU WILL LOVE HOMEMADE GHEE RECIPE Before we dwell about why you will love ghee, lets go over – WHAT […]

This recipe for restaurant style basmati rice will teach you how to make basmati rice at home either on stovetop or instant pot.
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Restaurant Style Basmati Rice (Instant Pot & Stovetop)

Learn how to make restaurant style basmati rice at home through stovetop and Instant Pot.. This recipe for restaurant style basmati rice will teach you how to make basmati rice at home either on stovetop or instant pot. So, What is Basmati Rice? Basmati is long grained rice traditionally grown in India and Pakistan. The roots of […]

This moist and fragrant orange loaf cake has no eggs and no butter making it such a guilt free snack cake to be enjoyed with your coffee and tea.

Orange Loaf Cake | Egg Free & Butter Free

This delicious orange loaf cake is egg free and butter free. Want a piece of cake to enjoy with your coffee, tea or for snacking? This recipe will give you a no-fail moist, tender and fragrant, Orange Loaf Cake to satisfy your cravings. I admit – I am getting a little tired of this staying […]

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Beet Ginger Liver Cleanse Juice

I tried this Beet Ginger Liver Cleanse Juice at my local Wholefoods. It was a random choice. I was not really looking to cleanse my liver but I was fascinated with the beetroot. Never tasted it raw before. I know everyone is raving about its goodness and all, but I was skeptical. The only form in […]

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Mishti Doi Cheesecake/Greek Yogurt Cheesecake

This Misthi Doi Cheesecake is delicate, smooth, luscious and extremely yummy. Not only that, its also super quick and easy to make. I even kept it simpler by not adding a cheesecake crust. Plus, its eggless. What else can we ask for a dessert, right? So, here is the Eggless, Crustless, Misthi Doi (Greek Yogurt) Cheesecake. Excited? And […]

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Olive Oil Date and Walnut Cake

This Olive Oil Date and Walnut Cake is the second dessert that I made this month. Come on! Don’t judge me. This is SUGAR FREE. The dates were so sweet that, the Olive Oil Date cake didn’t need any more sugar.  I just felt like baking a lot this month. This is my first born’s […]