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Microwave Cardamom Peda (Cardamom Milk Fudge) 0 (0)

This Microwave Cardamom Peda recipe is a life saver when you are crunched for time. They are made instantly and take literally less than 5 minutes! These bite sized instant microwave peda are as delicious, silky and soft as the store bought ones and serve as a great gift idea for family and friends. Cardamom […]

Dessert, Indian Desserts

Diwali Recipe Round-Up 0 (0)

Happy Diwali 2020 to all my friends and families all over the world. With the elections being over and now that we have a new President, don’t you think there is hope now? With that being said, I have compiled a few of my most popular and easy Diwali desserts for you for easy access. […]