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Chicken Kasha, Chicken Dry Roast

Chicken Kasha/Chicken Kosha/Chicken Dry Roast Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life... - Albert Einstein For me, a homemade meal holds an integral part in keeping a family together, in creating memories and in starting traditions...And when it comes to family meals there are some staples like this Chicken Kasha Recipe which… Continue reading Chicken Kasha, Chicken Dry Roast

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Curry Spiced Baby Potatoes

This Curry Spiced Potatoes recipe is an any-time favorite for us. The baby potatoes are coated with spices and cooked with olive oil which gives it a very rich and tasty texture. Somedays, you just don't want to enter the kitchen and somedays, you just want to cook up a storm, no? Well, this Curry… Continue reading Curry Spiced Baby Potatoes

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Laal Maas (Red Hot Lamb Curry), How to make Laal Maas

After a rich, decadent dessert, it’s time for Laal Maas (Red Hot Lamb Curry) which is a fiery hot red meat curry, that not only is spicy  but also finger-licking good.  When I say finger-licking good, what I mean is, you put down your spoon and fork and get going with the fingers.  The lamb (I have… Continue reading Laal Maas (Red Hot Lamb Curry), How to make Laal Maas