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Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad
Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad

I committed to write a post on re-vamping your left overs into delicious dishes for the Earth Day. I have two demanding kids, a intermittently travelling and workaholic husband and an ever demanding job and not to forget a long commute. Tired already hearing this, no? The point I want to make is –  who would appreciate left overs more than me. I see a fully stacked refrigerator and that makes me happy. So when I saw this opportunity to create something delicious out of left overs, I went back to the refrigerator and found a container of grilled tandoori chicken that we had for dinner over the weekend. I thought of tossing the tandoori chicken with kidney beans and make a delicious Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad. What a wholesome dish!

During summer anything grilled is a staple dinner item in my family. My husband takes over the grill while nursing a glass of scotch (or, two) while we sit on our swing in the backyard and enjoy what he serves us along with the perfect California weather. Juicy and spicy chicken breasts straight out of the grill is something to die for. In fact the chicken tastes better next day. Here is the recipe to the Tandoori Chicken  if you are looking for one.

Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad
Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad

I had fresh English cucumbers in the refrigerator and cans red kidney beans from Trader Joe’s. So I basically sliced and diced everything and tossed them into this spicy, tangy and protein rich Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad. You can dress it up with some Feta cheese to give it a Greek touch or you can also make a dressing out of red wine vinegar, lime and olive oil to kick it up a notch like Emeril says.

The bottom line is, It’s really easy to prepare so you can either pack it for work lunch or use eat it a quick and healthy dinner. And not to forget, its a high protein salad.


2 cans of kidney beans

2 cucumbers, finely diced

2 cups of Tandoori Chicken diced

1/2 cup chopped of cilantro or parsley

Juice of half a lime

2 tbsp olive oil

1-2 tsp of ground cumin

A pinch of salt and pepper to taste

2 to 3 green chilies chopped

Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad
Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad


Rinse the kidney beans well.

In a big bowl and throw in everything and give it a good mix.

And there you have it, your salad is ready!

Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad
Tandoori Chicken and Beans Salad

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  1. Perfect for summer.

  2. EverythingAliexpress says:

    Love this post on our awesome community! It’s definitely worth it!!! Thank you and hope you pop to see what I am up to

  3. I had Tandoori Chicken the other day for the first time. It was delicious! I am excited to try this recipe.

  4. katushahenderson says:

    Yum, such a lovely way to spice up my salad menu!!! thanks i will be making it

  5. YUM! This sounds delicious! I’ve never tried Tandoori chicken, so I’ll have to try it out!

  6. Thank you so much, Ann Jackson-Stewart. Please try and let me know.

  7. Looks so good and the ingredients actually look affordable too, win!

  8. jeeyoung | life + style says:

    Mm looks so filling and delicious! So fresh too

  9. I love this!! I’m on a permanent low carb diet so this will fit right in and change it up a little bit from basic meat and veggies. Can’t wait to try it out. xoxo Robin

  10. I am saving this recipe! It looks so filling and tasty. A change from the traditional salads I’m used to. I look forward to trying this one out.

  11. This definitely looks interesting – I’ve never had tandoori chicken before, so I’m curious. I love that it’s so high in protein though, and that it’s such a simple meal to throw together.

  12. I haven’t made tandoori chicken myself, but I didn’t know it was that easy! I am going to have to make this for lunch sometime soon!

  13. Oh, this is a nice recipe, I guess I willl do this at home. So easy to do and does not require you to be a pro. haha! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  14. Wowww such a delicious post… I loved the recipe…looks 😋 yummy will definitely try this

  15. I am vegan so I don’t eat chicken but there is all kinds of “vegan chicken” I could use. I could try making the vegan version of this salad as the seasoning of the salad sounds tasty.

  16. Looks like a yummy recipe, I bet my hubby would love this too. Glad that you share this with us

  17. I just figured out that in my new area where i just moved there is an Indian restaurant that is very good, I was planing to order the same dish today, may be not because the recipe looks very easy to make , thank you for sharing .

  18. I’m not a kidney bean kind of gal, but love curry! This I would definitely eat!

  19. I’m such a tandoori lover!!! This sounds delicious and comfy!