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The greatest challenge many people face in their diets is trying to avoid foods with artificial sweeteners, hidden calories, and unnatural ingredients. These three areas add unnecessary stress when you focus on getting the correct nutritional value daily. What if you could replace all three with a natural sweetener, like honey? It’s possible – here are five tips for incorporating more honey into your diet.

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Add Honey to Your Morning Cup of Coffee or Tea

Honey is the perfect sweetener to use in the morning. It’s loaded with natural sugar, so the sweetness added to every brewed cup of coffee or tea is easy to tame. If you’re using honey for the first time, start with small amounts because it has a robust flavor profile and is denser than sugar. Don’t use a spoon to scoop; use a honeycomb.

Incorporate Honey Into Your Favorite Dessert

One way to add honey to your diet is through desserts. Stock your pantry with natural ingredients like honey. Since honey is a natural sweetener and comes unprocessed straight from the hive, adding it to your favorite dessert makes sense.

One of our favorite ways of incorporating honey is by infusing it into homemade popsicles, like our yummy watermelon strawberry and honey popsicles. These fun popsicles are a delightful summer treat, especially as a tasty reward after working out.

Use Honey Instead of Maple Syrup for Pancakes and Waffles

Maple syrup is a delicious topping for any extravagant pancake breakfast, but the bottles you purchase from the store put a damper on the extravagance part. Grocery store bottles of maple syrup get filled with artificial ingredients and preservatives, stripping away most, if not all, its natural properties.

You might wonder if honey goes through the same process—the short answer is no; honey isn’t stripped of anything. Once it’s removed from the hive and goes through canning, it’s ready to sell or store in a personal pantry. However, some processes may require honey to go through pasteurization, which involves removing the yeast using heat.

Honey, pasteurized or not, is a better, healthier substitute for maple syrup because it has a similar texture and it has natural sugars that haven’t gotten altered. Using honey improves your diet and makes eating your favorite pancakes so much better.

Learn About the Types of Honey Before Buying

Before you begin incorporating more honey into your diet, start learning about the types of honey. There are over 300 types of honey, and each varies in flavor profile and price. So, before buying honey, consider how much you’d want to spend and what flavors you’d like to purchase.

Consider the nectar source before buying in bulk; the honey’s origins tell you about the flowers the bees gather nectar from, including a description of the taste and texture. If there aren’t any bee farms near you or any you like, consider purchasing from another state or country until you find the flavor that suits your palate. Honey is the best food you could incorporate into your diet. Eat well and enjoy more honey straight from the hive.

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